Our brand

Thinking is an important part of what we do – thinking about what your marketing strategy should be, finding creative solutions to problems and blockages and working with you to evaluate opportunities.

So we are confident that you will “like the way we think”!

If you ask us to help you implement any of your campaigns or manage specific projects, we are also confident that you will “like the way we do”! But the thinking needs to come before the doing!

  • Our image is bold but uncluttered – we deliver marketing that adds to the bottom line
  • Our illustrations are amusing – our clients find us fun to work with
  • Our look is modern and engaging – just like our approach to media and new technology

Mik Brown

Our illustrations we all created by the very talented illustrator Mik Brown. He is a delight to work with and uses a number of different styles, which you can see on his website.


We have been working with Simon Leadbetter, MD of Thoughtful since 2003. He developed our initial branding and has refreshed and updated it several times since, culminating in the design and build of this website.

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