Andall Legal - Raising Nicolina Andall's profile

Asked Scaramanga to…

Raise the profile of Andall Legal solicitor, Nicolina Andall, establishing her as a specialist in the areas of commercial and construction law and the ‘go-to’ legal expert in the local area, Croydon.

Nicolina is the elected Chair of Croydon Chamber of Commerce and sits on the Advisory Board for Halsbury’s Laws of England and wanted to maximise the opportunities presented by holding these impressive positions.

We’ve being working with Andall Legal since 2014 when we designed a marketing plan for the business and developed the key messages that resonate with all who interact with the business.

The brand was revamped to reflect the dynamic personality of the business and position it as a law firm which helps businesses to make smarter legal decisions.

We put our thinking hats on…

Nicolina wasn’t capitalising on her high profile engagements (such included an invitation to 10 Downing Street to meet the Prime Minister) and wanted the right people to know about everything she was doing.

We used LinkedIn to reach out to Nicolina’s target audience and regularly shared content based around her recent activities, increasing her exposure to a growing network of connections and nurturing the notion that she is well-connected and an influencer.

Alongside this, we ran a branding workshop designed to capture the brand’s personality and culture. We then engaged a designer to apply a fresh outlook to the brand’s identity, including a new logo, which incorporated all of the outcomes from the workshop.

Currently a new website, for which Scaramanga will be writing the copy, is in the process of being built.

And delivered these results…

Nicolina has an excellent reputation for being a well-connected and influential legal expert … and now people know about it!

Andall Legal has won new business, generated new leads, reconnected with previous contacts and seen an increase in demand for speaking opportunities and overall engagement (online and offline), all as a direct result of a growing presence on LinkedIn.

With a fresh brand ready and a new website launching in the near future, it’s full steam ahead for Andall Legal!

“Claire is fantastic! Aside from being a very nice person to spend time with (which makes all working time a complete pleasure), Claire is incredibly knowledgeable, practical, smart and professional. She understands the world of marketing well and helps you understand that marketing is a necessary and important part of business. What's even better is that she is adept at applying marketing to different professions and industries so she can think and speak in our "language". Claire is very good at articulating all the things that I want to say but can't find the words (yes I know.... a surprise eh!). Work with her and you will wonder why you didn't engage her years back.”
Nicolina Andall, owner and solicitor at Andall Legal and Chair of Croydon Chamber of Commerce