Fairhand Visiting Physiotherapists - Building a new brand and online presence

Asked Scaramanga to…

Develop a marketing plan to meet their business objectives of raising brand awareness, reaching a larger audience and growing the business.

Until that point, Fairhand had comfortably relied on referrals as their main source of work but with an ambition to expand and grow, they realised this was not enough and, as the world continues to move further into the ‘digital age’, they were missing out on a huge potential audience by not having a presence online.

We put our thinking hats on…

Firstly, we ran a branding workshop and went right to the heart of the business to work through the different elements that create the brand’s identity.

We developed a marketing strategy to reach their target markets and grow the business. The plan positioned the business as a speedy alternative to the NHS with a holistic approach to treatment. As a result of closely looking at the business and their patients, we successfully recommended changing the name of the business from ‘Fairhand Visiting Health Services’ to ‘Fairhand Visiting Physiotherapists’.

With a strategy in place and clear brand messages, we engaged a designer to create a new logo and design a website that would appeal to the target audience and represent the brand values, and a website developer to build.

Scaramanga managed this process from concept through to launch as well as image searching and copywriting the entire site with quality, SEO-rich content.

And delivered these results…

Fairhand now has a strong online presence and a competitive edge. Their new website, which clearly showcases their brand values and expertise, means they’re now far more accessible to their target market.

The business has grown, they’ve taken on more physiotherapists to meet the growing demand, and they’ve increased their profile amongst nursing homes, identified as a key audience.

We continue to work with Fairhand and have been asked to set up an e-newsletter and develop various marketing collateral.

Things are moving up, up, up!

“Claire and Ruby, we really do want to let you know how very pleased we are at Fairhand for our super new web site. It is very modern and professional and has already received many positive comments. We felt well guided and supported throughout the whole process. Your expertise throughout the process was marvellous and we are delighted with the results. We will certainly choose you again for some future projects that we have in mind.”
Frances Lamberth MCSP, Fairhand Visiting Physiotherapists