Human Smoothie – getting the personality mix right

Asked Scaramanga to …

… Develop the brand and launch marketing plan and then manage the implementation of all marketing activity for Human Smoothie.Human Smoothie is an eBook accompanied by the “Live & Fruity” sketch show/workshop. Human Smoothie has been written and developed by Caroline Hinkes, managing director of Training Solutions. Caroline’s work is a fresh – and fruity – take on Jung’s work on personality types. Each one of us has a dominant type – or fruit – but we are all mixed of several fruits. In other words, we are all human smoothies!

We put our thinking hats on …

Scaramanga advised on how to protect the intellectual copyright of the eBook, how to quickly bring a product to market quickly and effectively, and the pitfalls to avoid.

Scaramanga also implemented the launch of Human Smoothie – all brand development (working with a designer), market positioning, pricing, promotions, ecommerce website (in association with Host Baron), collateral, email marketing, launch exhibition, as well as advising on launch publicity. We edited the eBook and designed the diagrams and charts.

And delivered these results …

Human Smoothie went live on time and in budget. Within the first week, eBooks are flying off the virtual shelves and several Live & Fruity sketch shows/workshops have been booked.

“Thank you Claire for bringing your amazing talent, creativity and flair to the launch of Human Smoothie. Claire goes the extra mile for her clients and, as well as being a great marketer, will work with you to meet deadlines. She brings intelligence and humour, awesome IT skills and professionalism to all situations. Claire, it's been a pleasure working with you and thanks again so much for all your hard work on Human Smoothie.”
Caroline Hinkes Author of Human Smoothie