Advertising and search engine marketing

We can drive both paid for and organic traffic to your website via search engine marketing.

We will work to increase your visibility online by taking a pragmatic approach and looking at long tail key words. Long tail key words can be more effective than jumping on the bandwagon of popular key word terms, they offer better value for money and reach those who might be specifically searching for your type of business.

For example, we wouldn’t sponsor the term “marketing agency” or “marketing services” but instead sponsor B2B marketing Agency for professional services because it describes more accurately what we do and who we do it for!

Long tail key words are 4-6-word phrases and make up 70% of searches and are highly specific. This means you aren’t getting in front of everyone, but you will be visible to those who are searching for you.

This approach is one that we find makes click through rates higher and means that your budget isn’t used up on those looking for a different type of service to the one you offer, and you aren’t left bidding against lots of competitors.

The approach we take is the opposite of many specialist agencies who prefer a scattergun approach and large budgets. Here at Scaramanga we understand that you want your money to go further and that’s why we’d only ever recommend an approach that we believe will work.

As devices such as the Amazon Alexa and Google Home take off, we will be looking to implement voice search into the mix, it is estimated that by 2020 50% of searches will be voice searches.

To find out how you can be at the font of the queue when people are looking for a service you provide get in touch with the team.


We can help you identify where to advertise and what call to action is likely to be most effective. We will make sure that the campaign is integrated into your overall marketing activity.

We will negotiate with the media owner on your behalf to buy the space. If your campaign is larger and involves a range of media, we will work with a specialist media buyer. We also work with graphic designers who can create your adverts, online and offline and script writers for radio campaigns.

Public relations

We work with a number of highly skilled PR consultants and will recommend the right person to suit your specific requirements.

We will normally project manage the entire marketing campaign and will work with the PR consultant to ensure all activity is “joined up” and on brand.


We help many clients with a wide range of events, working with the designer to create the event material, booking space and ensuring that everything runs smoothly on the day.

We have run many webinars for clients, some smaller, others with several hundred attendees.

We will help you develop the presentation material and can also train your presenters.

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“Scaramanga are entrepreneurial, professional marketers who have a demonstrable record of achieving business success. They have experience in managing significant projects for blue chip companies. They are strategically minded but not beyond hands on involvement to deliver results. Claire has a high intellect with well-developed powers of argument and persuasion, common sense, good judgement and an overt determination to work to tight timescales.”
Christina Meade, Sales Director, T-Mobile UK