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A bit more about Scaramanga

Where we have come from, where we are going and what matters to us.

Where we’ve come from

Scaramanga was formed in 2000 by Claire Scaramanga, who had worked client side with companies such as Unipart Group, and in large B2B marketing agencies on blue chip clients.

Claire is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and holds an MBA, the CIM postgraduate diploma and a degree in modern languages. She speaks French, Spanish and German and can order a glass of wine in Greek. It’s all about priorities!

Simon Leadbetter trained as a graphic designer and got hooked on building websites in the mid-1990s when the industry was in its infancy. In 2011, he set up web and design agency Thoughtful Web

Simon and Claire, who had met in 2001, started working together on numerous clients, to the extent that, in 2019, they decided to merge the two businesses.

Since then, we have been developing and expanding the agency and working with our amazing clients and team.

We’re on an exciting journey, focussing on supporting our clients on their path to inclusivity and accessibility, as well as our own.

And where we’re going

We constantly strive to be an inclusive and accessible business. With various backgrounds, our diverse team reflects the human experience, which adds richness and alternative perspectives to how we approach the challenges our clients set us.

We really believe in supporting young people in our industry and regularly give talks to students, provide mentoring and have recently taken on our first apprentice.

We are actively involved in our local business community and Claire sits on the committee of a Croydon business group and Gatwick Diamond Business’s executive council.

We are also working on an education programme to develop the accessibility skills of designers and developers.

We seek to always to the right thing for the planet. We run hybrid working to minimise travel, buy sustainably and are at the beginning our own our journey to being carbon neutral, with the intention of reaching Net Zero.