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The power of Facebook to reach new audiences

Written by Kieran McNeill

Have you ever wondered how and why you are “digitally stalked” by some websites or even some specific products?

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The challenge

In previous years, they usually had attendance of a handful of regulars and wanted to see some new faces at the event.

We proposed a targeted approach with paid-for Facebook advertising, this was alongside organic posting for Twitter and LinkedIn. We also proposed that the speakers at the event promoted it across their own networks, and placing the event information on free event listings sites.

This was alongside helping them optimize their current Google AdWords campaign by suggesting new words and phrases they could add to gain traction.

Why Facebook?

Facebook is used by 37.4 million people in the UK

Facebook allows you to target effectively based on a huge range of data that has been given by users of the social network, as well as radius targeting geographically.

The users actively share their likes, work information along with everything from their favourite books and films to sports and reviews of the places they have visited.

Facebook enables active monitoring of the campaign, we can see the age, gender, location and the device they have used (desktop or mobile). It is a social network that enables users to like, share and comment on posts that appear in their timeline.

The results

The campaign was extremely successful in generating the target market attendees who had never previously engaged with the client. It also generated a significant boost to their engagement levels on Facebook.

  • 28,751 people saw the advert
  • 203 event responses came through Facebook
  • Post reactions (likes, shares and comments): 83
  • Cost per sign up to the event: £2.21

Overall Facebook page stats for the duration of the campaign:

  • 86 page likes, an increase of 1,620%
  • 86 page followers, an increase of 1,620%
  • 657 post engagements, an increase of 1,891%