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Scaramanga Marketing launches Digital Accessibility

Written by Claire Scaramanga

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In response to the pervasive issue of poor website accessibility and the need for digital inclusion, Scaramanga Marketing announces the launch of Digital Accessibility on Global Accessibility Awareness Day on 16th May 2024. By aligning with this global initiative, we reaffirm our commitment to promoting accessibility and fostering a more inclusive digital environment for all.

Designed for website owners, product managers, technical teams, and the digitally curious, this service empowers businesses to create digital experiences accessible to all users, regardless of ability or disability.

Leading by example, the Digital Accessibility website itself adheres to the strictest accessibility requirements outlined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), achieving the AAA standard, the highest of its kind. It incorporates features such as high-contrast text and closed caption for pre-recorded video content.


As advocates for digital accessibility, we invite businesses and organisations to join us in our mission towards inclusivity. We’re offering a Charter, an agreement that organisations, web agencies and developers can sign up to in order to underline their commitment to accessibility. Together, we can create a digital landscape where everyone has equal access and opportunity.

Simon Leadbetter The Accessibility Guy, Digital Accessibility (and Scaramanga Marketing)

Statistics from the Department of Work and Pension's Family Resources Survey reveal that in the UK, nearly a quarter of the population has a disability. Digital Accessibility takes a step towards championing accessibility in the UK, aiming to create a more equitable online environment for all users.


At Scaramanga, we believe that accessibility is more than just a legal requirement - it's a fundamental aspect of good business practice. By prioritising inclusivity, businesses not only fulfil their ESG strategies but also demonstrate a commitment to doing what's right for the 16 million people in the UK with disabilities.

Claire Scaramanga Director, Scaramanga Marketing

Digital Accessibility offers various packages, including accessibility audits and workshops, designed for both technical teams and content creators to equip themselves with the knowledge and tools needed to create accessible digital experiences:

The full works

  • Accessibility audit pre-workshop and after the delegates have made changes
  • Regular audits with a client review meeting
  • Four workshops (three for techs and one for content creators)

The tech team

  • Accessibility audit pre-workshop and after the delegates have made changes
  • Client review meeting after the post-workshop audit
  • Three tech workshops

The content creators

  • Accessibility audit pre-workshop and after delegates' changes – focus on content fixes
  • Client review meeting after the post-workshop audit
  • One content authors’ workshop

For more information visit or call us on 020 4505 8420.

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