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What video content can do for your business

Written by Charlotte White

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, video content has revolutionised the way businesses connect with their audience. Video content is versatile and can be used to achieve a multitude of business targets, outlined in this article by our social media and marketing experts.

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Someone holding a video camera with a RODE microphone attached to it.

In 2023, it was reported that online video content had an audience reach of 92.3% among internet users worldwide. It is no surprise then that businesses who invest in its creation yield substantial increases in engagement, brand visibility, conversion rates and ROI. Here's the 411 on the kinds of content you should be shooting based on what area of your business you desire to improve and expand, whether that is to develop relationships or bring in new business.

Build trust

Credible and brief testimonial videos from past and present clients can provide powerful social proof that the work you are doing is valuable. Equally, it gives a first-hand insight into your business, who you are and the values and core beliefs that you stand for. It allows your audience to see the real people behind it all and their dedication to delivering quality products or services.

Capture viewer attention

When you are scrolling through a site or social media platform, it is likely that video content is the thing that grabs your attention the most. There are a host of psychological reasons for this, including the emotional response it can evoke. The human brain processes visual information at a much faster rate than it does text, making video an ideal tool to capture viewer attention and potentially provoke them to find out more about your business.

Generate new leads

Educational content, such as webinars or short how-tos, show potential clientele the depth of knowledge that your team has. Creating informative content that seeks to address problems that they might have, before they even realise they have them, will demonstrate your thought-leadership as a business.

Improve SEO

Video content shared to social media has the potential to significantly increase social shares, which can then indirectly improve SEO for your business’ website. Search engines are increasingly ranking them higher and higher, meaning websites that include video content see enhanced visibility and an increase in organic traffic.

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