Marketing planning for success

Our starting point with clients is to develop a comprehensive marketing plan, based on the goals that the business has set out to achieve in its long term business plan.

We take detailed briefing from you, really get under the skin of what makes your business what it is and what resources it has to succeed.

We also look at industry and market data, interview your senior team and all key players, often including customers.

We run workshops to develop aspects such as your brand proposition, unique selling proposition and current/desired market positioning.

We work through the extended marketing mix:

  • Product (or service)
  • Promotion
  • Pricing
  • Place (or various routes to market)
  • People
  • Physical environment (where appropriate)

We bring all this together into a marketing plan designed to drive your business forward ready for you to take forward to implementation.

We’re also well placed to support you with implementation, but that is entirely your choice.

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“Contrary to some marketing professionals I have worked with in the past, Claire brings a very analytical approach to a given situation. With a very clear definition of KPIs, she quickly defined for us the outlines of a start-up strategy that fit our target market and our business model, priced the different steps going forward, put in place the elements enabling us to measure success as each milestone was reached and has always been available to discuss, explain or substantiate any point we were unclear about. In addition, she combines impressive credentials with a charming personality and an uncompromising sense of professionalism. I very much look forward to working with Claire again.”
Rodolphe Mortreuil, OfficeAnyplace