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T-Mobile (now EE)

This project has been assigned the following categories: Marketing campaigns,

  • Marketing strategy
  • Corporate sales strategy
  • Mobile data markets

Client overview

T-Mobile (now EE) had a number of key focus areas at the time we worked with them, namely taking greater ownership of their channels, developing direct routes to market and gaining traction and credibility in the corporate market.

Project overview

T-Mobile UK asked Scaramanga to Create their sales strategy, with particular attention to the channel and distribution strategy and create a new organisation structure to deliver this strategy in the face of increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve earnings across the industry.

The market is saturated and “growth” comes primarily from enticing customers away from the competition, growing call revenue and developing online mobile services.

While developing the strategy, we identified the need for new routes to market to sell voice and data solutions to business customers. We also identified the need to redefine and reset the sales strategy for the corporate direct sales force.

We undertook a market study to identify key issues and opportunities and market size. We conducted a survey among existing channel partners. We interviewed senior managers within T-Mobile and reviewed all their market research. After formulating the overall strategy, we developed detailed implementation with the channel managers. We also aligned the company closely to the T-Mobile International goals and objectives and recommended changes to the organisation structure, which were implemented.

The implementation plans of greatest impact in terms of change were the corporate sales strategy and the SME market strategy. Scaramanga developed decision making tools to identify market opportunity and indirect channel requirements, I.e. the type and number of partners by geographic location. We developed channel propositions for each type of partner, recruitment criteria, reward and support systems.


Having worked with Claire for many years, I briefed her to develop our strategy for new routes to the business market. She built excellent decision making models and really effective strategic plans. Her thinking moved us forward, as did the thoroughness of her planning and execution.

Paul Savvides Director International Consumer Campaigns, T-Mobile

And delivered these results

T-Mobile has made radical changes to its route to market and has significantly increased the share of business coming from wholly owned sales channels, giving increased control over acquisition costs and customer experience. Their credibility in the business and corporate market place has soared, as has their market share.

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