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Being thoughtful is something that is very important to the team at Scaramanga. It means thoughtfulness in a myriad of ways.

Thoughtful design

Whatever we are designing, be it a website, a brand, a brochure or a video, we think carefully and deeply about what we are looking to achieve, what will have most impact with the target audience and what will drive the desired reaction or action.

Thoughtful planning

We prepare a large number of marketing strategies and campaign plans, all of which require a great depth of insight, understanding and thought to develop an approach that will work for our client.

Thoughtful people

We always strive to be thoughtful and considerate of the people we work with – our colleagues, clients and suppliers – to create a great working environment. We set and manage expectations and we listen to and take action on feedback.

With the pandemic, we signed up to an eight week meditation and mindfulness course for our team, run by my brother, Nick Scaramanga. We have also signed up to an employee benefits scheme that supports our wellbeing policy by providing face-to-face counselling and unlimited helpline support for anyone who needs it.

We also offer our team "well days" - a short-notice request for leave taken out of your annual leave allowance, rather than taking a sick day and having to lie, because you need a break but don't feel ill.

Thoughtful history

On 31st July 2019 we were two separate companies on the eve of merging into one Scaramanga Agency. One of those companies was Thoughtful Web, founded in 2011 by Simon Leadbetter.

Simon chose the name Thoughtful because it epitomised all the values he wanted to bring into his business – the way he works and the way he treats others.

Although we didn’t carry on using the name, that golden thread of thoughtfulness is still at the heart of everything we do.

Not Thortful – but we do like them!

We’re not related to Thortful Cards, although we do really like their designs and approach to ecommerce and customer experience.

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