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So you want to go viral…

Written by Charlotte White

Going viral on social media refers to when a piece of content, such as a video, image, or post, spreads rapidly and widely across various online platforms, resulting in many views, shares, likes, comments, and overall engagement within a relatively short period of time.

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Stock image of someone sat looking at a phone. Surrounding the phone are many reactions, likes and comments to illustrate virality.

For businesses, virality has become a desirable goal given the rewards it can reap, including brand exposure and visibility, as well as potential increases in interest and sales.

However, it's essential to approach viral content with your business or brand’s core values in mind. Therefore, when you’re creating content to go viral, ask yourself the following questions.

Is your content still authentic?

Maintaining authenticity is important throughout the entire content creation process. Authenticity serves as the cornerstone of meaningful connections with your audience.

While the allure of virality may tempt some to compromise their brand integrity for exposure, staying true to your values ensures credibility and trustworthiness, meaning retained engagement analytics such as the number of likes, comments, saves and shares.

Is your content still high quality?

While the allure of mass appeal may prompt some to churn out content at a rapid pace, it's essential not to sacrifice quality for quantity.

This is especially relevant when you’re thinking about creating content that is part of a current internet trend, where you must act fast before the trend’s popularity dies down.

If your content is the first thing that some prospective customers might see, you want to make sure that its quality and attention to detail is representative of your business as a whole.

Is your content still geared for your core demographic?

It may be tempting to cast a wide net and appeal to a broad audience, but it is essential not to lose sight of your most loyal and engaged customers.

By focusing on creating content that speaks directly to the interests, values and preferences of your core demographic, you strengthen your connections with your pre-existing customers and are more likely to form high-value relationships with new customers that increase ROI.

Catering to their needs and interests is key in driving sustainable growth and solidifying the backbone of your business’s success.

To conclude...

Approaching the creation of viral content with authenticity, attention to detail and a good idea of your target audience is much more likely to attract a growth in your social media visibility that equates to an increase in sales and revenue.

If you need help developing and clarifying your business’s presence on social media, get in touch.