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Asset management

Craft CMS offers a comprehensive suite of image management tools that streamlines the process of handling your assets. Not only can you edit images directly within the control panel, performing actions like resizing, cropping, and rotating, but you can also define focal points for each image. This remarkable feature enables you to upload a single image, set its focal point, and then seamlessly utilise that image across various templates and sizes.

Say goodbye to the tedious task of uploading multiple crops of the same image.

  • Craft intelligently tracks all assets so you can safely move files between folders or subfolders without it breaking the website.
  • Remote storage on servers like Amazon S3 or Google Cloud storage improves the portability of assets and can easily be scaled.
  • Upload a single image, set its focal point and let Craft create the different cropped versions.

Image manipulation

It is always best to make changes to your images and optimise them before uploading them to your website, but if you want to make a quick edit then Craft CMS has a few helpful tools.

The asset entry page is the place where you manage your asset’s meta data. Add a title, alternative text and custom data like a caption. You can also view, replace and edit the asset (if it is an image)…

Clicking the Edit image button will launch the image editing window.

Select a part of your image that you want to be the focal point (by default it’s the centre), which will be used when the templates create a cropped version of the image. No more uploading multiple images…

If you are unhappy with how your image looks, you can crop your image to various sizes or ratios within Craft…

Get creative. Flipping and/or rotating an image can make it look more dynamic…

Finally, you can choose to overwrite your original image or save your updated file as a new asset.

Organising your assets

Craft CMS is smart and keeps track of all your assets. This means you organise and move your assets into subfolders and it won’t break your website. As you can create as many subfolders as you need it is great for people who are sticklers for order.

Asset management can be a pain, but with Craft’s tools you are in full control.

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