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Control Energy Costs website

This project has been assigned the following categories: Websites,

  • Fast
  • Low carbon usage
  • SEO

Client overview

Control Energy Costs provides businesses with tailor-made utility management and procurement solutions to ensure their customers secure the best possible price for their energy and water supplies.

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Project overview

We are on a long journey with Control Energy Costs. Not only are we providing deliverables like their corporate website but we are also responsible for their marketing strategy.

It was only natural that after developing Control Energy Costs brand identity that we would move onto their website. The brief was essentially to keep it ’on brand’ and for it to be an effective platform for the continuous deliver of their messaging.

On the surface, the Control Energy Costs website looks simple. It contains a home page; a contact form; a section about the company and its service; articles and a resources section. However, as a service company, Control Energy Costs website works on many different levels. For example:

  1. To provide credibility
  2. To act as a 24/7 sales mechanism
  3. To showcase the brand and messaging
  4. To elevate Control Energy Costs’ profile as thought leaders through strategic content marketing

So when we designed and developed the Control Energy Costs website we were thinking deeper than just its surface.

Mockup of a laptop, computer, iPad and iPhone showing different pages from the Control Energy Costs website

Designed with a green purpose

Every website, no matter how big or small, goes through a thorough planning phase before we even put pen-to-paper and start the design. However, we did identify a goal early on in the project to make the website as green as possible.

We achieved this by:

  1. Selecting a host whose uses 100% renewable energy and has a carbon offsetting scheme by planting trees
  2. Designing the website to use a dark theme as it is more energy efficient to render a dark screen than a white screen.
  3. Ensuring the website is built simply and loads fast so it uses less processing power (requiring more energy)

We even added a website carbon calculator to the website that displays how much carbon was used to render the page.

A screen shot of the website carbon calculator that displays the amount of carbon used to render the page. This example shows it required 0.72g of CO2 to view it and that it was 590% cleaner that other pages tested.
The website carbon calculator used on the Control Energy Costs website

An ongoing effort

Most websites are designed, built and handed over to the client. However, like a garden, websites need tending otherwise they look scrappy, unloved and nothing really flourishes.

To ensure our clients maximise their websites full potential, we continue our relationship beyond launch day. For Control Energy Costs we run accessibility audits, manage their SEO and maintain the website to ensure it stays healthy and green.

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