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Corn Exchange Newbury website

This project has been assigned the following categories: Websites,

  • Multisite
  • Spektrix integration
  • Venue website

Client overview

The Corn Exchange Trust manages three key spaces: the Corn Exchange which includes a 400 seat auditorium, a 40 seat independent cinema and thriving Kitchen & Bar; 101 Outdoor Arts for the development of large-scale outdoor performances and residencies; The Base — and purpose-built visual arts and craft building; and Learning Centre from which they run a flourishing participation programme.

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Project overview

Having worked with the Corn Exchange Newbury since 2012, we have helped the grow from 1 website (with Spektrix integration) to 5 websites – all managed with a single CMS.

Having worked with the Corn Exchange Newbury since 2012, it is fair to say we have made a few changes to the website.

Back in 2012, we took a three-pronged approach to:

  1. Rebuild/redesign the Corn Exchange Newbury website to use a responsive design pattern (whilst retaining the integrity of the original design)
  2. Improve the User Experience (UX) using different Interaction Models and faster performance
  3. Build the website using a more up-to-date Content Management System

After moving the website over to Craft CMS and rebuilding the templates, the website has happily ticked over for the last decade.

Booking tickets

For an event venue website like Corn Exchange Newbury it is vital the ticket booking process is simple, however, this can be quite challenging when you have events that have differing number of shows. Some events have only a few shows, others, like the annual pantomime, have many.

To overcome these variations, we designed and developed a booking panel that can cater for any type of event. The user selects the date from a carousel which reveals the shows for that day. The user selects the preferred time slot and is then taken to the Spektrix powered booking pages.

This ticket booking panel works equally as well on mobile devices and has proven highly successful.


In 2019, Corn Exchange Newbury was expanded to include a brand new facility called The Base and a separate Learning Centre. As their physical space expanded their digital space followed suit.

Coupled with the 101 Outdoor Arts space managed by Corn Exchange Newbury and their fundraising microsite Love Your Corn Exchange, they have a total of 5 websites being managed under a single installation of Craft CMS.

Animation showing Corn Exchange Newbury websites on desktop, mobile and tablet devices

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