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EFG London Jazz Festival website

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Client overview

The EFG London Jazz Festival is an annual celebration of Jazz music and is produced by Serious.

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Project overview

We have been developing the EFG London Jazz Festival website for many years and in 2020 we embarked on a new redesign so the festival can be offered in new blended digital/live concerts in response to limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

London Jazz Festival website on various devices

2020 was the year that put the world in turmoil, however, imagine running an international jazz festival. No flights, no acts, no people, no festival. But that wasn’t going to stop the amazing Serious team. They decided that if the world could not come to London then the the festival would go to them.

Not only did we embark on a redesign of the website, but we were also (for the first time ever) going to stream the festival live on the website.

Without knowing how many visitors the website may get we needed to ensure the hosting could cope with any spike in traffic and also be on-hand to sort any problems should occur. Thankfully, the website performed beautifully and was so successful the festival continues to be offered as a hybrid event with both in-person and stream events — reaching a larger audience than ever before.

Multiple home pages

As there are various different stages to the festival that are released throughout the year — including the really important pre-festival to live festival switch. To aid our client we developed the website so they can prepare and preview the home in readiness for the launch. All they need to do is select which version of the home page is currently active.

With a million-and-one things to be concerned about, the website launch is no longer one of them.

A brief timeline

We designed the 2020 website so it could be re-themed year-on-year. We are kicking ourselves for not taking screenshots for every website since 2012, but here are a few we did capture.

Piers Mason, Associate Director at Serious

I’ve worked with Simon and the team at Scaramanga since 2012, across two companies, four websites (now five), and three complete redesigns.

I find the Scaramanga team to be friendly, knowledgeable, and always have a ‘can do’ attitude – always able to find a solution, whether it’s scaling up to cope with phenomenal traffic-spikes through to customising the website back-end to make it more user-friendly for our Comms team.

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