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The Delegate Wranglers website

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Client overview

The Delegate Wranglers is the event industry's most engaged community with an impressive membership of over 21,000 worldwide members on their Facebook group.

Project overview

The Delegate Wranglers, a massive Facebook group, now has a fantastic companion website that allows the members to promote their business and continue to be part of the amazing Delegate Wranglers community.

Delegate Wrangler website

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An ever evolving website

We inherited The Delegate Wranglers website with the brief to take what was already done and make it better. Much much better in fact. They also wanted to monetise the website so the client could earn a living from their gallant efforts of building up the Facebook group and continue to make improvements. We soon realised that this was going to be some challenge.

Our first task was to rebuild the Members’s Directory so The Delegate Wranglers community could use the website to promote themselves. The website was originally launched with free membership, however, our new version included a premium member subscription which offered additional membership benefits — including the ability to gather and show reviews on their listing to better promote their business. This new feature was named Superstars.

A new logo for a new service

Scaramanga worked with the Delegate Wranglers team to develop a membership system that provided tiered benefits to incentivise membership. Delegates who sign up to a paid plan are endearingly known as Superstars, so to promote the new service we created this new logo.

The logo was created using an icon that forms part of a commercial web font, which means we can easily include it on the website.

As every member is treated as a star, the Superstars concept had a huge impact on the community and subscriptions started flowing on day one.

Our approach to building the new Delegate Wranglers website is slightly different. We agreed to systematically update each section of the website one step at a time.

To date, we have updated the following sections:

  • Home page
  • Members’ Directory
  • News section
  • Jobs section

There are still some sections left to complete, but this approach allows the small team at Delegate Wranglers to continue managing the day-to-day running of the group without getting overwhelmed by a big website redesign project.


We could not recommend Claire, Simon and the Scaramanga team highly enough. From animated videos to websites, they are fantastic! An absolute safe pair of hands and a delight to work with!

Neil Thompson Founder & MD, The Delegate Wranglers

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