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Installation and Refurbishment Solutions brand refresh

This project has been assigned the following categories: Marketing campaigns, Brand development,

  • Brand identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand awareness

Client overview

IRS is a specialist office interiors and relocation company who provide individual solutions for office moves or refurbishment.

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Project overview

IRS are experts in designing beautiful office interiors, but they had lost focus and visibility. They came to Scaramanga to develop a marketing strategy to put them back in the spotlight to acquire new clients and gain prominence in Croydon, which is experiencing massive construction and growth.

A key component of the marketing strategy was to a review of the existing identity, which had got a little shabby. Rather than reinvent the wheel we tightened up the design of logo and established rules about colour, typography, use of imagery etc. This was then followed through in the design of the new website, launched spring 2021.

The results have been great, generating significant high value business for IRS, putting them right back on the map.

Animated IRS logo

We helped IRS with a full range of marketing services including:

  • Content marketing, digital, email, social media and SEO
  • Brand refresh, including logo
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brochure design
  • Website design, build and maintenance

Our first task was to review the existing identity which, as the client’s admission, was a little rough around the edges. We identified problems with the logo (it looked like it was falling off the underline); typographic inconsistency with a mixture of colours and typeface; and problems with messaging. They were colloquially known as IRS, but there is another much bigger organisation that comes to mind when first see the IRS initialism.

The tagline

To allow the client to continue using IRS as their main logo, we made a feature of their tagline as it explicitly explains their offer…

We make office space work

We created the tagline in both the short form (above) and a longer form version (below) which is used on the brochure cover, exhibition roller banners and other marketing material.

The addition of the blue underline, taken from the logo, enhances the brand recognition and allows the tagline to exist as a standalone component.

Designing and installing inspiring commercial interior and moving companies since 1995. We make office space work.
Mockup of two IRS posters.

The following images show how strong the combination of logo, tagline and restricted colour palette of yellow, grey, white and splashes of blue.

IRS square company brochure showing the cover and interior spread.
Brand refresh for Installation and Refurbishment Solutions (IRS)

Image treatment

Thankfully, the commissioned photographs provided by IRS are as good as their work so it is very easy to use these images untreated. However, we did provide a simple duotone image treatment to add an extra dimensions to the visual identity. Used with restraint it can add a little texture to an otherwise flat (i.e. solid colours) design concept.

Modern kitchen with grey cupboards a wooden floor, wooden worktops and a large wooden table centred under three hanging ceiling lights.
Interior view of a kitchen area. A long galley table sits centrally lit by multiple overhead handing lights. A kitchen covers the entire length of the room (on the left) with full height windows on the right. The image has a yellow filter applied.

Comprehensive brand guidelines

As you would expect, the IRS brand guidelines are full of instruction and advice. The client who, as a designer, appreciated the exacting level of detail we went into and genuinely used them to ensure the ongoing integrity of their brand.

IRS brand guidelines animated

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