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This project has been assigned the following categories: Marketing campaigns, Social media,

  • Increased engagement on X and LinkedIn
  • Increased brand awareness on social channels

Client overview

The UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) is a registered charity set up to provide independent and expert support on good research practice. They help the UK research community to do the best research that it can – work of the highest integrity, quality and efficacy.

UKRIO provide support towards research integrity in a variety of ways, including but not limited to the education, training and development activities for research integrity and related fields. They also liaise with other national and international research and integrity organisations and provide resources and advisory services to their subscribers. Through these initiatives, they provide consistent and comprehensive support to institutions and individuals from across the UK.

Project overview

Scaramanga started working with UKRIO in 2022 to develop a stronger brand presence and identity through Linked, X and Mastodon. The social media strategy involves producing a variety of different content, including promotion for events and evergreen resources.

Elevating research ethics through social media

Our knowledgeable team always take into account the latest advancements and trends across each platform when crafting social media schedules.

We utilise LinkedIn's newsletter function update the UKRIO community about upcoming webinars and any new resources and services they offer. This ties in with the rest of the digital marketing plan that Scaramanga works closely on with UKRIO to plan and execute.

Webinars are actively advertised across all of the social media platforms that we manage for UKRIO. Running up to the webinar we create content that advertises the topics and speakers to draw in potential attendees. The content we produce creates clear pathways so that signing up for tickets to any webinars is simple and quick.

We use Eventbrite to track ticket sales. Analysis of this data allows us to measure the success of our social campaigns and adapt our strategy for future events.

One of the largest social media campaigns UKRIO hosts are challenges that focus on a variety of topics relating to research integrity. Typically, these challenges encourage UKRIO's audience to partake in the discussion of the latest developments in research, for example, the effective and ethical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As part of Scaramanga's social media marketing plan, webpages and social posts are created to advertise and promote the upcoming challenge to UKRIO's community. These challenges drive particularly high engagement for UKRIO, increasing their following across multiple platforms and raising awareness for the advisory body.

Strategic planning and analytical insights position UKRIO as a prominent voice within research integrity.

Cultivating connection through engagement

Engagement is a crucial part of the UKRIO social strategy. By following the relevant people, companies and other recognised advisory bodies within the sector we are able to cultivate relationships and further raise awareness of the work that UKRIO is doing.

Scheduling for success

We work with UKRIO to develop a content schedule unique to each social platform. Scheduling is done via Zoho Social. With the client collaboration functionality on Zoho, relevant members of UKRIO are able to see the content schedule before it is posted and suggest any amendments that they would like to be made.

Data-driven decisions

Analytics inform almost all of our social media team's decision making. Zoho social allows us to access analytics for individual posts, as well as each social media platform as a whole. Previous high performing social posts and their timings are taken into consideration when crafting every UKRIO social schedule in order to drive maximum engagement.

X and LinkedIn engagement increase

Through Scaramanga's hard work, we have seen phenomenal growth in UKRIO's online social presence on X and LinkedIn.

  • Total following of 4.2k users, meaning a 50% increase in followers on X, formally known as Twitter

  • A 43.1% link engagement rate on X, formally known as Twitter

  • Thanks to a levelling up in their content, UKRIO saw their content reposted no less than 2.4k times with 3.9k likes and 588 mentions

  • 909 new followers. That’s an increase of 100%.

  • On LinkedIn, UKRIO saw a growth of 1,475 new followers from February to December 2023

  • UKRIO's LinkedIn saw an increase by 38.7% on page views. That's 1,174 more than before.

  • A 24.7% increase in unique visitors to their LinkedIn page

  • A 62.86% link engagement rate on LinkedIn

Total engagement increased 4,353.75%

In December 2022 UKRIO had 16,000 impressions.

Since Scaramanga were appointed to manage UKRIO's socials, social impressions have more than doubled from 16k in December 2022 to 43.8k in January 2023.

Post-engagement increase of 5,700% on X

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