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Tutorwiz animated videos

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  • Facebook ads

Client overview

Tutorwiz is a highly successful online educational programme designed to help school children improve their maths and English — no matter their age or ability.

Project overview

The team at Tutorwiz wanted to create an explainer video that would take parents through the concept before the sales call.

They also wanted to improve their Facebook advertising results by using video animation adverts instead of static images.

Tutorwiz now has an engaging, three-minute video explaining to parents how the programme works and what their child can expect to gain from it. It clearly demonstrates the benefits, such as a personal tutor, AI learning to curate the lesson plans based on progress and rewards for the student. This video, along with shorter edits for Facebook, are really helping the sales team with their prospects.

The two animated Facebook adverts are working well and generating opportunities.

Tutorwiz explainer video

The process

Our animation process began by getting to know about Tutorwiz in detail and then writing the script for the explainer video and the two Facebook adverts.

Our motion designers then used the script to develop an animation storyboard, showing the progression of the video, the illustration style we proposed using and how we planned to match the colour scheme to the client's branding.

Once the storyboard was approved, we got to work on the animation. We recommended a background music score and commissioned voiceover artists. There were two versions of the video, one with a female and one with a male voiceover.

Native Facebook adverts

After the explainer video was complete, the client asked us to create two shorter edits that they could use on social media. Tutorwiz wanted to boost engagement and response rates with video and, given that so many parents would be browsing on their phone, we agreed that the native Facebook format would be the best.

The two ads take a different angle and our goal was to grab attention in the first two to three seconds.

Although Scaramanga does manage social media paid advertising campaigns, Tutorwiz has an in-house ad manager running the campaigns. And the ads have been delivering great results!

Tutorwiz Facebook adverts

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