Branding articles

How to run a successful webinar

By Claire Scaramanga

Getting in front of your prospects to explain your proposition is one of the most powerful ways of generating sales leads, especially when you are selling services.

7 steps to naming

By Claire Scaramanga

Naming – or renaming – your business is no small task. Having named several companies, here are our suggestions on how to approach it. While this article focuses on company naming, many of the points also hold true for product naming.

Unveiling the essence

When tasked to look at determining what my core essence is, i.e. the “why” I do what I do as the owner of Scaramanga, as part of the Ecademy social media workshop I’m in right now, I had to look at the best and worst days of my life.Complicated? Not in the least. Difficult? Oh yes!

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