Branding articles

Unveiling the essence

When tasked to look at determining what my core essence is, i.e. the “why” I do what I do as the owner of Scaramanga, as part of the Ecademy social media workshop I’m in right now, I had to look at the best and worst days of my life.Complicated? Not in the least. Difficult? Oh yes!

What’s a personal brand? Do I need one?

Personal branding is a term I use at Scaramanga Marketing to describe the effect you have on others and the impact you create, just as a product or company brand is designed to espouse specific values and create a desired emotional response in the consumer.

Setting personal brand goals

At Scaramanga Marketing I work with many people, both senior executives in large organisations and small business owners, to help them develop their personal brand and then promote themselves more effectively to achieve their goals.

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