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Craft CMS

With the dominance of WordPress it is possible this is the first time you may have heard about Craft, but this hidden gem has many fans including well known names like Netflix, Sonos, Hootsuite, HP, Mercedes, TEDx, Wrangler and IKEA. Craft’s rich feature sets, reliability and security credentials make it the CMS of choice. Even the W3C has selected Craft to be its content authoring platform for its website due to Craft’s accessibility credentials.

Craft CMS has many features, but its superpowers are:

  • Fully customisable to manage any website of any size and complexity
  • Unlike some other CMS, Craft CMS boasts exemplary security credentials
  • Top in class. Selected by W3C as their preferred CMS due to its accessibility conformance
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There are a lot of decisions to make when developing a website — from hosting, performance, search engine visibility, accessibility, to how easy it is for your team to manage the website. However, experience has taught us that if the tool used to manage the website is not intuitive to use or flexible enough to meet the specific needs of the client team, then care for the website tends to dwindle and it becomes less effective. This is where Craft CMS shines.

Trusted by top global brands

Tens of thousands of sites are built using Craft, with a growing list of top global brands

Craft was awarded the best Wordpress alternative and it’s used by some of the top companies and digital agencies in the industry today.

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  • Netflix
  • Vw
  • Apple
  • Ikea
  • Reddit
  • Adidas
  • Microsoft


We take accessibility (a11y) seriously and we are not alone. Craft CMS is also making great efforts to ensure its software conforms to WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines.

In 2020, the W3C spent time researching the accessibility of Content Management Systems and after several rounds of elimination they selected Craft CMS — for its current accessibility conformance and its commitment to accessibility on an ongoing basis.

W3C re-platformed from WordPress to Craft CMS in 2023.

The commitment to make the authoring tools accessible clearly aligns with our own values to make inclusivity a key driver for success.

Premium features as standard

Craft is blessed with a number of great features that come as standard with no plugins required.

  • Security

    With data security being a crucial consideration for any website, you can take comfort in Craft’s security credentials. As it is professionally maintained, it has high levels of security with an established release cycle and regular maintenance releases.

  • Live preview

    Craft’s Live Preview mode is a standout feature. It allows a content author to preview content changes in real-time before they even press the save button. In fact, there is no reason to save as Craft auto-saves does it for you.

  • Shareable drafts

    Craft’s publishing workflow allows you to save pages as drafts so you or a colleague can review the changes before publishing. Sending a special link to external partners means you can share drafts and gain approval without granting access to the CMS.

  • Inline content creation

    Craft streamlines the content authoring process by providing content authors shortcuts for creating content on the fly. For example, when creating a new article you may want to assign it to a new category or relate it to a page that does not yet exist. This can all be achieved directly on the entry page being created — saving time.

  • Asset management

    Organise assets in different folders or subfolders and safely move assets between them without the fear of it breaking on the front-end templates. Craft tracks all files added to an Assets field or embedded in a Rich Text field.

  • Image editor

    Natively, you can edit (resize/crop/rotate) images, but, more importantly, you can add a focal point to them. This allows you to upload a single image, assign a focal point and then use that same image on different templates at different sizes.

  • Matrix field

    Matrix fields allow you to create repeating and mixed content types using a single field, which we call the Page builder. With this powerful feature at your fingertips you have full control over your content.

  • User management

    Create User Groups to help organise your site’s user accounts, as well as batch-set permissions to make user management easier.

    Granular permissions can be set for individual users, such as the ability to access the control panel, edit content within certain sections.

  • Data in

    Feed Me is a first-party Craft plugin for importing of content — either once-off or at regular intervals. With support for XML, RSS, ATOM, CSV or JSON feeds it is possible to import content as Entries, Categories, Craft Commerce Products and more.

  • Data out

    Where Feedme gets data into Craft, GraphQL API — extending the possibilities of how Craft can be used in unique ways.

  • Multi-language

    Without doubt, Craft is the best CMS for managing content that targets different locales. Simply switch between languages on the publish form page and add the relevant content.

  • Multisite

    A single installation of Craft can be used to manage different websites even if they have different domains. Better still, content can be shared amongst these websites — great for a suite of company websites.

Craft CMS logo

Page builder gallery

We have created an interactive Page builder gallery where you can see examples of the type of content you can add to your pages. Everything from image galleries to testimonials.

The benefits to you

We exclusively develop in Craft and have been using it since its inception. Clearly we are fans and so are our many clients.

We have shared some of its key features, but we also want to highlight some of the other benefits of choosing to have a website created by Scaramanaga.

  • A team of Craft specialists, UX experts, technical whizz kids and project managers who are here to assist you every step of the journey.

  • Access to our Client Portal which contains articles on using Craft and specific articles about your website.

  • A website built with performance in mind that provides sub-second load times

  • Ultra fine-grain control over your SEO using a plugin that (the leading SEO software company) use for their own SEO

  • Sophisticated form management that integrates with CRM systems and email marketing solutions

  • Accessibility baked in and not added as an afterthought.

Learn more about other Craft features

We have created a few pages that showcase some of the key features Craft offers.


Thanks this is great and thanks for delivering this all so quickly. It's been great to work with you on this project and everyone is really happy with the designs.

David Lortal Consultant Product Manager, BAFTA

Scaramanga Agency is one of the best suppliers I've ever worked with, and I feel like they care.

Phil Ager Manager Director, Control Energy Costs

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