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Sesame Access website

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  • Multi-language

Client overview

Sesame are the inventors of amazing lifts that can be installed in any building — including Grade I listed.

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Project overview

Our brief and goal was simple. Migrate the content from the very dated WordPress website into Craft CMS and apply an appealing design that reflects the new brand identity Scaramanga created.

A new website

The Sesame website was designed around the sole purpose to showcase the lifts. Therefore, the website’s information architecture was shaped around the 'Product selector’ and their extensive video showcase.

Montage of desktop, tablet and mobile devices showing Sesame website

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Lifts everywhere (although you can’t see them)

Sesame’s ambitions were to target different markets as they grew, however, they were not ready to do this on launch. Therefore, we built the website with an international audience in mind and have systematically deployed updates so the website is available in other languages.

The Sesame website is presently available in English, French and Polish all managed in Craft CMS.

See the Sesame lift in action

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