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Content voice pillars: the foundations of blog writing

Written by Amy Shaw

Content voice pillars are a tool that’s used to brainstorm blog topics by focusing on a particular theme or brand value. Content pillars can be broken up into related smaller sections which then form blog topics.

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It’s not only a useful way to create consistent brand messaging, but also for search engine optimisation (SEO), allowing for desired words to be ranked on Google. When these blogs are placed on a website, Google will note the words being used and rank the website higher when the term is being searched for on Google.

Using content pillars to create a content plan also makes it easier for the marketing team to know what to write about ahead of time.

Taking Scaramanga as an example, we can use three of our values: Thoughtful, Confident and Vibrant, as content pillars.

Using the content pillar of Thoughtful, this can be narrowed down to the content subjects of Inclusivity and Accessibility, which demonstrate our ability to be thoughtful and considerate of everyone’s needs. From here, each of the content subjects can be broken down into specific content topics, which form the blog topics:

We recommend selecting three content pillars to ground your messaging. The number of content subjects and topics can be extended to as many is required to create the desired number of blogs. At Scaramanga, we have in-house content and SEO specialists who will take you through a comprehensive branding exercise to help determine which brand values/content pillars are important to you and which terms you want to rank for on Google.

If you're looking for more thoughtful, accessible approach; get in touch with us today and let's see how we can help.