The absence of a “no” does not mean a “yes”

By Claire Scaramanga

Over the last few months, I have been giving a number of talks to various business groups, including members from Croydon and London Chamber of Commerce this week, about the marketing aspects of GDPR.

The power of Facebook to reach new audiences

By Sarah Moran

A client came to Scaramanga needing a campaign to increase attendance at one of their events. They were looking to target a specific market of entrepreneurs, business owners and people who were interested in starting their own business, for a free daytime event with a range of talks and workshops.

How to write a great case study

By Claire Scaramanga

These are the questions to ask before writing your case study. Some answers will come from within your business, others will need information from the client. If you use the client’s words when writing the case study, they are more likely to feel it is accurate and approve it.

Net promoter scores for SMEs

By Claire Scaramanga

When you are a smaller business, you may gauge your customers’ satisfaction levels based on gut instinct, verbal feedback or maybe even a regular satisfaction survey.

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